Mulliken District Library

SAVE THE DATE!!! Joel Tacey will be here July 10th at 6:30pm! You will definitely not want to miss out, Joel rocks! 

Summer Reading June 18th - July 27th

This fun event will be held on July 19th at 5:30pm. We will meet in front of the library, and will proceed to “chalk the town”. The Library will provide sidewalk chalk for kids, teens, and yes even the adults to decorate the sidewalks in front of the library, post office, the old taxidermy, and Farmers Tavern. Who doesn’t love to make chalk creations?!?

Why are we doing this event? To bring color and life to the town, and hopefully put smiles on stranger’s faces.What about rain? Well, we live in Michigan, so nobody can predict its crazy weather. However, if it does call for rain, we will have a rain date. But, it’s not going to rain because the librarians say so.

Summer Reading Programs are provided by:

Our good friend Becky is coming for an instructional canvas painting for kids. This is our first Summer Reading event for kids, and it’s just the beginning. You MUST sign up, as there is limited seating. You can sign up in the library or online.

June 19th at 6pm

Cost is $10, you pay Becky directly.

Click the image to sign up!

Summer Reading this year will be

June 18th - July 27th

Because we had so much success last year, we will continue to have summer reading for all ages. Prizes will be age appropriate, and they are pretty rockin' this year! 

Come in on June 18th to register and you will receive a delicious cupcake and be entered for an entry to win a gift certificate to Corner Cone, in Grand Ledge.

Card/Stamp Party 

This event will be geared towards adults, however, teens are more than welcome to join. Deb, who attends many events here at the library, has offered to host this party for a small fee of $10 per person. The event will be on July 17th at 6pm. Deb will give step-by-step instructions on how to make fun, homemade cards. You must sign up as seating is limited. You can sign up online or in the library.

Why buy those expensive store bought cards, or the cheesy cheap ones, when you can make your own from the heart, with lots of love and laughter?

What do I need to bring for this? Your beautiful smiling face and any drink or snack you would like.

What will the library provide? We will offer a cheese and cracker platter, cookies, and Coke, Diet Coke or water.