Summer Reading 2019

"A Universe of Stories" 

June 10th - July 26th


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Early Literacy and Children

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Get the Hubble Back! The Hubble has been hacked!  NASA lost control of the famed space telescope through some insidious computer piracy, and the perpetrator has hidden the means to regain control in a small box, along with a series of clues to open the multiple locks.  Can your group of young astronomers figure out the codes, unlock the box, and help NASA utilize Hubble again to explore the galaxies? 

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Course opens July 11th from 3pm – 8pm
Around the library, we will have a miniature putt-putt course set up for kids, teens, and adults to enjoy. We will have putters and golf balls available, however, if you have a lucky golf ball or putter feel free to bring your own. 

Joel Tacey will be here July 16th at 6:30 pm.

You don't want to miss this magically hilarious show!


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at Mulliken District Library

Mulliken District Library