Holly E. Barnes Photography creates a majority of our professional logos for the library events/activities.

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‘Tis the day before Valentine’s and all through the store, shoppers were bustling more than before! In their hands they had chocolates and candy.  All the decorations looked quite dandy. But when the door closed and Cindy went home to rest, someone came by and made a big mess! Candy was on the floor, all the chocolates too!  When Cindy came back, she didn’t know what to do! She closed up the shop and set out to remake and find, all the chocolates and candy - yes, every kind! Cindy needs your help to fix and remake her things to fill up the shelves so she can open the store for Valentine’s Day!

Sign up online or at the library, reservations are required.​

Director: Dawn Hufnagel    Assistant Director: Bryonna Barton


Mon. and Fri.: 1pm - 6pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

​Tues. and Thurs.: 3pm - 8pm


Have you been wanting to learn a new language but did not know where to begin? Look no further; we have the solution for you. We now offer Mango Languages, and it's completely free! 

Just sign up by creating a free account and using your library card. Remember, you must use "mdl" followed by your library card number (example mdl1234).

Don't know your card number? No problem! Give us a call, message us on Facebook, or visit us at the library.

January 27th - February 7th

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