Director: Dawn Hufnagel    Assistant Director: Bryonna Barton

December 8th from 10 am - 4 pm

Location: Mulliken Masonic Temple

We will be inviting local independent businesses and crafters to set up booths for people to buy or order products. This community event is a fun way to inspire everyone to buy local for Christmas, as well as promote local businesses. Vendors will be encouraged to have products available for sale the day of, as well as offer the ability to place orders. All proceeds go directly to the local businesses in attendance; booths are free. Please call the library at (517)649-8611 if you wish to be a vendor, or sign up online.

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Mon. and Fri.: 1pm - 6pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

​Tues. and Thurs.: 3pm - 8pm


Holly E. Barnes Photography creates all our logos for the library events/activities.

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Gingerbread House Decorating Party

On December 20th, we will be hosting a gingerbread house party at the library. You must sign up ahead of time and pay in advance. There is a participation fee of $5 per person, which will need to be paid in full by December 10th at 7:45 pm. You can sign up in the library, or online.

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​Mulliken District Library